Cross Border Road Transport Agency

The Cross Border Road Transport Agency is a Government Entity that manages the cross border road transport industry.

Our New Vision:  A leading Cross Border Road Transport Agency within the SADC region

Our New Mission: To spearhead social and economic development within the SADC region through facilitating unimpeded cross border road transport movements. 
The values that embody the organizational culture of the Cross Border Road Transport Agency include:

• Integrity - we are professional, honest, fair and do not tolerate crime, fraud and corruption.
• Transparency - we are open and accountable in our interactions with our stakeholders and staff. 

• Reliability - we are dependable, trustworthy and value our customers.
• Efficiency - we are innovative and passionate about performance.
• Effectiveness - we achieve our set goals and objectives with desired outcomes.
• Social responsibility - we seek to contribute towards the greater good of our country and continent by supporting social development and economic growth.

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